While not offering specific solutions for particular industries PIXI3 team have done many projects for many industries and these are the samples. We can apply our knowledge and expertise to help you too! Contact us today to learn more and get an appointment with one of our specialists.

Creation of a remote control terminal for remote PBX management with custom scripting and flexible configuration options for the biggest telecom provider in Latvia.
Developing server and device software for custom-developed mobile board featuring cellular and GPS module tracking for the major Austrian electronics company and customers in Germany.
Creating customized security-enhanced solutions filtering e-mail and processing web request for federal government customers in Latvia.
Developing unique device and software combination to securely handle patient medical records for the healthcare solutions provider in UK.
Developing custom software to analyze and calculate optimal wood-cuting schemes for the major wood-sawing manufacturer in Latvia.
FinancialFinancial Services
Developing Internet Banking and Brokerage management system for the one of the major banks in Latvia.
Wind EnergyEnergy
Creating automatic product  and system documentation migrations scripts for the major wind energy company in Finland.
Designing and developing the custom form-based business logic request processing system for the major school network in Belgium.
Developing social networking web software handling millions of users all around the world for the customer in US.

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